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Love Coffee? You’ll Want To Read This… 2018-12-20 05:44:47

Coffee. What's not to love? ☕️

Coffee. What’s not to love?

The aroma of opening the bag and brewing the beans. The warmth in your hands on a cold morning. That rich steamy first sip to awaken your taste buds and start your day.

Coffee can be argued to be America’s original mental performance product.

But for those who’ve discovered products like Qualia Mind, and its 28 carefully researched ingredients to nourish the brain for mental performance wayyyyy beyond coffee alone, there is a problem if they want to keep their cherished morning cup of joe.

And that problem you ask?

A dose of caffeine, in addition to their coffee, which they may not want.

Qualia Mind has 90 mg of caffeine. This is a bit less than what’s in an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Caffeine is one of the most studied nootropics and ergogenics (substances that enhance sport performance). A dose of 90mg is at the low end of what’s used for boosting cognitive capacity or sport’s performance.

But individual tolerance to and preference for caffeine varies …a lot. The amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee is the “just right amount” for some people, but not enough for others.

So combining Qualia Mind and your morning cup of coffee has put our community into a double-dose of caffeine they may not want.

For people who want just a small amount of caffeine in the morning, and want to retain enjoying a cup of coffee each morning, we have created a solution.

Meet Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free has all the amazing ingredients in regular Qualia Mind, without the caffeine and theobromine.

Would you love to take a comprehensive mind enhancement product each morning but want to avoid any dose at all of caffeine or stimulants?

Problem solved.

Or would you like to experience similar mental nourishment to Qualia Mind paired with a morning coffee without adding more caffeine than what’s in the coffee?

Problem also solved.
But for coffee lovers, there’s one more way we can upgrade your morning mind ritual.

The quality of your coffee.

There’s so many ways for a coffee company to get things wrong. Let’s review...
  1. Does your preferred coffee use only the healthiest possible green beans?
  2. Is your coffee certified organic?
  3. Does your coffee company rigidly test for toxins?
  4. Do you find chipped beans in your coffee bag (which lead to uneven roasting)?
  5. Do they mold test?
  6. Is your coffee grown using sustainable practices?
If your coffee company isn’t advertising these things, that’s not a good sign. But even if their sourcing is impeccable, what about their roasting method?

Did you know that if coffee beans are over-roasted, they can develop carcinogens, yet if they’re under-roasted, there’s a specific carcinogen called acrylamide that can be present?

To create the ultimate Morning Mind Ritual, we are teaming with the brand of coffee biohacking legend Ben Greenfield calls his own, and a brand that holds its coffee to the strictest sourcing and roasting standards you’re likely to find anywhere.

Meet Kion Coffee

Imagine starting each morning with the soothing ritual of a cup of coffee, knowing that the coffee you’re brewing is the purest on the planet, and you’re pairing it with a caffeine free nootropic that adds 27 additional all natural mental nutrients to the ritual, leaving you with the clearest and most refreshed mindset possible to start your day?

Now imagine if Kion and Neurohacker partnered so this duo made in heaven could both be 25% off for a limited time?

Step 1- Follow this link to order of Caffeine Free Qualia Mind and enter discount code KION at checkout for 25% off your first shipment.

Step 2- Follow this link to purchase Kion Coffee at 25% off its regular cost, no discount code needed.

Step 3- Wait a few days for two glorious packages to arrive on your doorstep, containing the duo that with change your morning mind enhancement routine, forever.

The best coffee on earth and the best nootropic product on earth letting the coffee give the caffeine while it gives the other mental nutrients. Now that’s a good morning ritual!

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