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Look At What Your Support Just Did 2019-04-26 01:00:06

Words do no justice in communicating our gratitude.

What happened this past week is incredibly powerful to us.

In a sense,it marks the end of us ambitioningto be a full fledged bioscience organization,and the beginning of us truly being one.

Let me share the news...

Last Tuesday,we launched our new product Eternus. After extensive research,we knew we’d created the most advanced product available for slowing the negative effects of aging. We accomplished this by addressing aging where it begins-at the cellular level-with a 38 ingredient formula to comprehensively support cell energy. It’s the decline in cell energy which backdrops nearly all aging symptoms.

But we wondered if we had communicated well enough how our expertise is portable from one supplement domain to the next. We had only been known for our Qualia products which are for mental and emotional well being. We had to work hard over the last year in our marketing and content to explain how our expertise is far less narrow than nootropics. The unique value to our formulation approach is our expertise with whole systems science;this formulation strategy uses many ingredients in a formula to support a system of the body in its entirety. It is very different from the reductionist approach of using one or two ingredients to achieve a benefit by externalizing problems to other parts of the body.

But that is a nuanced message,and we needed a lot of content and marketing to communicate it.

That’s where you came in,to the tune of over a million dollars in funding last year. It not only helped us with the R&D necessary to create Eternus,but it also greatly enabled our marketing spend for the videos,podcasts,articles,and partnerships which let us reach millions of people and properly introduce how versatile complex systems modeling is to formulations for many different physical health needs.

Now that we’re a little over a week past the launch of Eternus,it’s clear your funding enabled something incredible. Let us count the ways:

Our week one Eternus sales blew awayour internal forecasting’s highest expectations. We’ve actually sold more bottles of Eternus in the first week since launch,than we had as our 30-day goal from launch. But the news gets better…

Over 90%of our Eternus customers so far,have elected the monthly subscription option for the product. 

And 2019 is young. Not only do we have the drink mix form of Eternus yet to debut,but soon thereafter,our Qualia line of products expands beyond pills as well with the upcoming release of our nootropic liquid shot.

The community reading this update,is directly responsible for this result. You are directly responsible for taking a few friends who had been disheartened by the gap between what can be done and what is being done in health and wellness products,and actually helped us create an organization now bringing cutting edge nutritional science to mainstream society.

Words do no justicein communicating our gratitude.

Keep your feedback coming. Tell us the ways we can improve,the wellness products that would benefit you the most,and the things we can do to better serve you;the community that changed our lives,and the lives of our customers,forever.  

Thank you so much.

Invest now in Neurohacker

If you want to talk more about Neurohacker or the Wefunder investment opportunity,I would be happy to chat--feel free to email me with specific questions.

Thank you for being a critical part of our growth and the fuel behind our mission.


James Schmachtenberger,CEO at Neurohacker

Looking for ways to further support the Neurohacker campaign besides investment? 

Please share a link to our Wefunder page social media--Facebook and LinkedIn are especially helpful!

For more about Eternus,watch the video below.


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