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Investment Round Is Closing! 2019-05-20 08:56:40

Review Our Progress And Invest While You Can.


If you’ve been considering an investment in Neurohacker,time is now of the essence as we are closing this funding roundin less than 10 days.
But first,please consider the evidence demonstrating the power of your investment in our hands…
When Neurohacker sought our first Wefunder investors about a year and a half ago,we were acompany with1 product,available in1 country,for purchase only through1 website,and we were still far from profitable.
We were hoping this community could give us the boost we needed.
Just a little over a year and a half later,we are now a4 product company,available in countriesall around the world,for purchase through an ever-growing list of massive ecommerce and practitioner sites,and we just completedour largest sales month everat over $650,000 in revenue.
This type of growth and expansion over just the last 18 months has led to nearly1.5 milliondollars of investment and support from the Wefunder community.
Our recent growth is allbeforethe autumn launch of our premium energy liquid shot with a uniquely low amount of both sugar and caffeine to disrupt the market,as well as nearing finalization for our products in several large brick and mortar chains in the United States.
There’s no sure thing in investment,but investing in us or raising your stake in us is catching our company at a time we don’t think could bemuch more idealfor the investor.
We are nothopingto soon demonstrate strong sales. Wecurrently aredemonstrating our strongest sales ever.
We’re nothoping to launch successful new products. We have beenongoing,with our most recent product launch-Eternus-so successful that supplies are nearing backorder status.
We’re not hoping to have fundamentals to attract major investment. We’ve already achievednear record-setting investmenton Wefunder of nearly 1.5 million dollars,separate and apart from millions in private investment beyond this platform.
In short,the reason we have succeeded in attracting investment,is because every round we have achieved capital to work with,we’ve demonstrated clear and strategic expansion as a result.
Time is running out for your investment in Neurohacker Collective. Those in this community who have invested have allowed us to give the public a legitimate option for cutting edge health formulas promotingthe body’s ability to self regulate.
That is a 180-degree change from how most health products have traditionally been designed,and the public is showing ahuge appetitefor the options we are giving them.
We hope we have demonstrated a clear relationship between how much investment we take in,and how much rapid expansion results. We also hope we have demonstrated that when we expand,we expand with a strong sense ofwhat will work.
A great example of this is the almost15% revenue growth across all lines of businessthat resulted from the most recent launch of ourEternusproduct.
Be part of our mission andinvest now,and we will put your investment to work with a company helping people in novel ways with their mostcriticalhealth needs,achieved by promoting theregulation capacityof the human body.
The last 18 months has been phenomenal for us and only some Wefunder investors shared in it. Don’t miss the growth opportunity of ournext18 months,because there are a plethora of reasons to suggest we are on the cusp of a global brand ascension,due to investors like you.
Thank you!

Invest now in Neurohacker

If you want to talk more about Neurohacker or the Wefunder investment opportunity,I would be happy to chat--feel free to email me with specific questions.

Thank you for being a critical part of our growth and the fuel behind our mission.


James Schmachtenberger,CEO at Neurohacker

Looking for ways to further support the Neurohacker campaign besides investment? 

Please share a link to our Wefunder page social media--Facebook and LinkedIn are especially helpful!


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