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Final Hours To Join The Campaign 2019-05-30 09:35:28

Become part of this historically large campaign.

As Neurohacker wraps up our campaignwith just 11 hours to go,we wanted to explain some of the momentum behind a near-record total ofover 1.4 million dollarsraised on this platform.
As investors on Wefunder,you can only seesomeof the feedback we’ve been getting.
What you can’t see,is a lot of the dialogue we’ve had with investors who were motivated by theirfirsthand experienceof our products.
When a customer tells us that they’re able to show up with more vigor and energy for their small children,or more empathetically for their spouse,or that one of our products gave them the focus and drive to realize a lifelong goal,it makes our purpose for doing this hit home.
And it isn’t all customers-turned-investors. Some of our investors have acted based on a life turnaround they’ve seen in a friend who cites our products as making a big difference.

We areso appreciativeof the mindset of customers who are paying our benefits forward by investing. And we’re just as appreciative of the non-customers who value the experiences of their friends and family as cause for investment.
But perhaps most impressive to us has been thegeneral societal shiftthe last several years on what causes business investments among newer investors.
Our fundraising has led to many interactions with young well-heeled investors,some still in their 20’s and 30’s,who acquired their wealth in ways such as the emerging cryptocurrency market or a big win early in their career with a tech company.
And when we began in 2015,the idea of a “for purpose business” was still considered almost ignorant of business reality by most. But over the last 4 years,more and more investors-especially the newly wealthy-are indicating to us that theydeeply identifywith being proud of what they invest in.
The culture is changing. There seem to be fewer and fewer people who are impressed by someone for owning a large house or a fancy car,and instead,offer their respect for thoseactually trying to better civilizationin their own small way.
Our fundraising success indicates to us thatwe’re seen,and that for-purpose investors appreciate the difference between a company whose profits rely on people being in a state of disease,versus a company trying to help fine-tune the body’s regulation capacities so we people can maintain the highest possible standard of brain and body health,deep into life.
Thank you for noticing how we are trying to disrupt the health and wellness market,and if you’re just now finding out about us,you still have time toinvestif you act now.
Become part of this historically large campaign.
Your stories of how we’ve affected your lives have moved us,and please know with every investment,you are meaningfully affecting ours as well.Thank you again.
Invest now in Neurohacker

If you want to talk more about Neurohacker or the Wefunder investment opportunity,I would be happy to chat--feel free to email me with specific questions.

Thank you for being a critical part of our growth and the fuel behind our mission.


James Schmachtenberger,CEO at Neurohacker

Looking for ways to further support the Neurohacker campaign besides investment? 

Please share a link to our Wefunder page social media--Facebook and LinkedIn are especially helpful!


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