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Day 9 of neurohacking: sleep tips + tech to love ? 2018-12-17 07:19:09

There’s no part of your body that goes untouched if you’re not getting good sleep-Dan Pardi

We all know how wonderful it feels to wake up after a good night's sleep, but what's often overlooked is just how critical quality sleep is to cognitive function. Sleep is one of the most crucial parts of health optimization and a foundational aspect of neurohacking.

Luckily for you,we've been tracking and investigating the latest sleep science and tech, to help you enjoy the quality Zzzs you deserve (and need!).


Sleep Tip #1: Cool Off

Your body must be cool and able to control its own temperature to initiate sleep, reach deeper levels of sleep, and stay asleep consistently. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 60 to 67 degrees for optimal sleep, or try a mattress chilling pad.


Sleep Tip #2: Blue Light Therapy 

Difficulty falling asleep? Taking proactive steps during the day, such as wearing blue light blockers or getting outside for some natural light, preferably with a brief but brisk walk, can help. 

Check out Collective advisor and founder of, Dan Pardi's most recent TedTalk about how to optimize light.


Sleep Tip #3:Track Your Zzzs

You may think you're getting more sleep than you are—or maybe you're just waking up more than you've noticed. Use a tool like Beddit or a WHOOP® strap to track your sleep so you understand your unique sleep patterns and can find effective ways to solve them.


Sleep Tip #4: Hello, Darkness

Humans evolved to sleep in darkness, without the constant humming of electric lights of today. If light seeps through your windows, try blackout shades. Aim to keep your electronics, which emanate blue light, off when you sleep. If you can't,cover your eyes with an eyeshade.


Sleep Tip #5:Stick to a Schedule

It takes a little self discipline,but going to bed at the same time every night should be part of your routine,even on weekends. Doing so allows you to harness the force of your body's own circadian rhythms. 

4 Sleep Tech Products We Love


Waking up tired can be due to many reasons. Unlike apps or wearable activity trackers, Beddit is made for the bedroom. There is nothing to wear and nothing to remember every day. All you need to do is sleep. Easy enough, right?


The new Oura smart ring is devised to be the world's most advanced wearable. Designed to be worn around the clock,it empowers you to see how your lifestyle affects your body and mind. 


Do you struggle to fall asleep? Toss and turn at night? Swannies lenses are formulated to block harmful blue light from your environment and smart devices that’s destroying your sleep. End tossing and turning once and for all!


The ChiliPad™ Cube is a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system. It regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water through a network of micro tubes.

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