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Big News At Neurohacker 2019-05-14 07:57:04

Neurohacker Launching Premium Energy Shot This Autumn After Strong Survey Results


If you haven’t followed the recent Neurohacker updates,you have missed a rapid succession of major,positive announcements:

  • The launch of Eternus,our comprehensive aging formula,with sales results that blew away our internal forecasting to the point of an impending backorder for the product.
  • The expansion of our e-commerce presence to,America’s 3rd largest e-commerce site,which adds to over a million in annual revenue already coming in through
  • The imminent launch of Eternus in a flavored drink mix powder,giving our consumers the first non-capsule form type of a Neurohacker product.

But none of the above have the potential sales impact of our next major announcement.

Energy drinks and energy shots;they’re everywhere. Given the increasingly intense demands of modern life,their popularity is no mystery. But the formulations of most energy drinks and energy shots leave a lot to be desired.

The need for sustained energy throughout the day isn’t going away,but there is a huge void in the industry for a company who can achieve that result in a healthful way.

Neurohacker intends to be the first company to deliver on a premium,low caffeine,low sugar energy shot with a comprehensive formula for dynamic mental and physical energy benefits.

After nearly a year of formula iterations,we sent a beta test group a 5 day supply of our energy shot formula that offers a healthier solution for this market. We have now received 124 survey results from that beta test group,and we couldn’t be happier with the results:

Over 81% of respondents reported a “good” or “excellent” overall experience with our premium energy shot.

The majority of survey respondents indicated experiencing “higher than usual energy and motivation”,“sharper conversation skills”,and being  “more capable of handling a complex challenge”.

Finally,the majority of respondents indicated these benefits kicked in within 30 minutes of taking the product,and lasted 4 to 8 hours thereafter.

Imagine a premium energy shot right beside the caffeine and sugar loaded formulas in convenience stores and pharmacies,except it avoids excessive amounts of either,has an ingredient profile backed by science.

We are entering this space with a science and medical team steeped in legitimate cutting edge nutraceutical formulations. We intend to show that powerful all day energy support to brain and body can be achieved using ingredients with excellent nutritional profiles,careful sourcing standards,and synergistic relationships between ingredients.

The result is an end product that will blow away the enhancements of a coffee or energy drink,with a nutritional profile that adds to,rather than detracts from,your overarching diet standards.

Our premium energy shot will debut this autumn. Stay tuned for the naming and launch date information as we get closer.

This is one of the largest announcement phases in our company’s history. Your potential gains by investing in us now,at the dawn of this series of announcement,we feel is palpable evidence for investment growth potential.

Thank you for the funding that has made this period possible.

Invest now in Neurohacker

If you want to talk more about Neurohacker or the Wefunder investment opportunity,I would be happy to chat--feel free to email me with specific questions.

Thank you for being a critical part of our growth and the fuel behind our mission.


James Schmachtenberger,CEO at Neurohacker

Looking for ways to further support the Neurohacker campaign besides investment? 

Please share a link to our Wefunder page social media--Facebook and LinkedIn are especially helpful!


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