Life After Denim

New Arrivals: Inspired by Vintage American Style 2017-11-14 11:08:54

A medley of retro and modern cool,our latest installment of LAD Studio is inspired by vintage American workwear...the times when we rolled up our sleeves,dusted our boots and went off to work.

While those days may be in the past,these styles are perfect for keeping warm when the holidays come around.

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Hunting Coat - Black
Hunting Coat-Black
Evergreen Shirt - Auburn
Evergreen Shirt-Auburn
Barnsdall Shirt - Golden Olive
Barnsdall Shirt-Golden Olive
Bradley Scarf - Heather Grey
Bradley Scarf-Heather Grey
Mistletoe Shirt - Golden Olive
Mistletoe Shirt-Golden Olive
Mistletoe Shirt - Heather Grey
Mistletoe Shirt-Heather Grey
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