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What’s new at Balenciaga?
Asymmetric hems,satin and oversized silhouettes:Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga is responsible for how we dress today. Let us list the ways.
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BALENCIAGAside pull polka dot dress


BALENCIAGAfitted dress

BALENCIAGAmetallic heel sandals

BALENCIAGAswing coat

BALENCIAGAmini City AJ tote

BALENCIAGAasymmetric draped dress

BALENCIAGAbelt mule pumps

BALENCIAGABack pulled hoodie

BALENCIAGAWallet on chain BB bag

BALENCIAGAstraight midi skirt

BALENCIAGAwhite Triple S leather low top sneakers

BALENCIAGAhourglass blazer


BALENCIAGAStandard jeans

BALENCIAGAshiny leather belted booties

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