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  • We’re by & for girls living the LA dream – wherever they are. We embrace the duality of the modern girl: cool but classic, fearless but feminine, & no matter what, we’d rather die than be caught in the same dress twice.

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We See Right Through You... 2018-08-09 13:00:15

Sheer chiffons are our latest obsession 
Ali & Jay
Ali & Jay So Much To Give Mini in Pine
Sheer Genius
Ali & Jay Something You Call Love Maxi, Have It All Sheath in Pine, and Getting All Your Love Romper
There's a new way to stay cool
Ali & Jay Something You Call Love Maxi
Ali & Jay So Much To Give Mini in Pine
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Only the Best for You . . .

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30% Off EVERYTHING Ends Tonight!

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Here Mini Mini

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I've Got A Crush On You

2018-09-06 11:59:48