Trump Is Selling Those USA Hats Now 2017-08-31 13:16:12

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The President Is Selling Those USA Hats to Fund His Re-Election Campaign

Earlier this week,Donald and Melania Trump headed to Houston on the heels of Hurricane Harvey;the first lady wore a FLOTUS hat,while the president chose a white baseball cap that read “USA.” To the untrained eye,the USA hat looked like a generic souvenir a tourist might buy on a trip to DC. This particular hat,though,is official merchandise available on Trump’s re-election campaign site. Selling for $40,the hat reads “Trump” on the back and has the number 45 on the side.

Watchdog group Democracy 21 president Fred Wertheimer told NPR“there's no apparent line for the president on how his office can be used for financial benefit, for profit going into his pocket or money going into his campaign. In essence, he's now licensing the presidency.” The White House issued photos of the president on the ground in Texas wearing the hat,but did not comment when the question of ethics was raised by inquiring reporters. Walter Shaub,the former director of the US Office of Government Ethics,on the other hand,took to Twitterto say the presser would be “more convincing” if Trump wasn’t wearing his own merch.

NPR notes that no other president has initiated re-election efforts as early as Trump has,and while the proceeds of the merch won’t go to Trump directly,they will be allocated to his 2020 campaign. In 2016,$11 million worth of fundsfrom his campaign went to Trump-related enterprises like the Trump building that served as campaign headquarters. At a time when people across the country are gathering tosend moneyto those affected by Hurricane Harvey,wearing a hat whose profits go right back to your cause is certainly a controversial move. —Chavie Lieber,senior reporter

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Everything in Sephora’s Weekly Wow Deal Is Under $15
Tubes of pink mascara

There is finally another reason to love Thursday aside from its proximity to Friday — and you can thank Sephora for that. The beauty megastore just introduced Weekly Wow:an exclusive week-long sale announced every Thursday.

After the first few,we’ve come to expect hefty half-off (or close to it) deals and a whole new lineup of buzzy products.

Here’s what’s included this week:Benefit’s celebrated They’re Real Lengthening Mascara,now $15 instead of $24;three different Tarteist lip paints from La Tarte,including Creamy Matte Lip PaintQuick Dry Matte Lip Paint,and Glossy Lip Paint,all available in several colors and all now $11 instead of $20;and last but not least,five eyeshadow primers by Urban Decay,from original to anti-aging to the nude Eden,all now $14 instead of $22.

The same rules apply as last week,so discounts will stay in effect until next week on a strict while-supplies-last basis. Like anything you see? Move fast and don’t miss out,as we’ll bet at least half of these goods will be gone before dinnertime. —Tanisha Pina,associate market editor 

A Series of Questions About These Very Large Instagram Hats
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Where do they all come from? How are they suddenly everywhere this summer? How did the wearer transport the very large hat to the vacation destination? Did they stuff it in their luggage? Did they place it gently on their laps and hunch over a tray table for a six-hour flight?

Find all these answers and more >>
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